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    New Training Course from Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición (FINUT)
    2021.04.16. - MTTT - Hírkategória: Általános

    FINUT has created a new course addressing nutrition, aging, and disease in older adults. The course is delivered in Spanish and is aimed at both early career nutritionists and professionals in Geriatrics wishing to gain nutrition training.

    The IUNS Capacity Development Committee is pleased to share this opportunity with our Adhering Bodies and encourage you to share the news with your members and via your social media channels.

    Together with the University of Antioquia (Colombia), which enjoys prestige in the area of public health research, FINUT has built this course in which the student will acquire knowledge about the process of nutrition and diseases in older adults, as well as aging and nutrition. :

    - Web for information and registration: https://www.finut.org/curso-nutricion_envejecimiento/

    - Tutors with degrees of professors and doctors, researchers, and experts knowledgeable in each topic.

    - Who is this course for?

    * Spanish speakers
    * Professionals in the field of Geriatrics who wish to be trained in Food and Nutrition. Graduates, graduates, and students of the third year or more in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Biology, Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology, Chemistry, Physical Activity, and Sports Sciences, as well as graduates related to Biomedical and Health Sciences.

    - Content: Go to the content section of the website https://www.finut.org/curso-nutricion_envejecimiento/

    - Duration: May 3 - July 31. Although the student will have until August 6 to hand in late assignments.

    - Price (includes certificate). Possibility to pay in 2 installments
    • Standard fee: 402,50 Euros
    • FINUT students or UdeA graduates: 362,25 Euros. Includes students who did undergraduate studies at UdeA or were students of some of FINUT's online courses.
    • Fee for members of entities with an agreement with Udea or FINUT: 350 Euros.
    • Fee for students: 322 Euros.

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